Stars of Dentistry’s Dr Bashar Al Naher

Aug 14, 2019

Stars of Dentistry at the London Dentistry Show on the 13-14 September at Olympia, London

The award-winning Stars of Dentistry, regarded by many as one of the world’s best seminar line-ups will debut at the show. Dr Bashar Al Naher will be discussing “The psychology of wellbeing, success and abundance for dentists: attaining dental nirvana”.

This presentation will introduce delegates to the psychology of wellbeing and success. Furthermore, it will teach dentists how to attain ‘dental nirvana’. Dental professionals face numerous challenges in their working and personal lives that can lead to feelings of stress, fear and negativity. These challenges can also result in depression or worse. This lecture will discuss how dentists can avoid falling into these negative states by making use of the latest knowledge, advances and technologies in the field of psychology. It will also look at how dentists can take control of their self development to become the best that they can possibly be.

Please note there is a charge of £79 per lecture, £99 for two lectures or £149 for unlimited access to all lectures in this zone. To purchase your VIP ticket and access the Stars of Dentistry zone, please call our team on 01923 851771.